Fan Guide. Family Fun. Family Value.
To say Mansfield Motorsports Park is fan-friendly would be an understatement. To say the Park is a family outing like no other in the area, you'd be right on mark.

Sure there's fast cars, and yes noise, lots of it, but that's racing on a fast half-mile track, under a great sky, among friends that appreciate a good time, laughs and great value for their entertainment spending.

The point is, the 'Park' is more than just racing it's a day or evening out of the norm, where family have an opportunity to "hang-out", to walk the pits, see the cars and teams, meet the racers up-front and personal-the stars of today and tomorrow. For a kid to dream about going fast, to experience the sights and sounds not found elsewhere – that's Mansfield Motorsports Park!

Ticket Options
MMP has 6,800 grandstand seats, covered seating within sections of the grandstand, private skybox seating and open areas for general admission. Ticket prices and availability depend on the event and date. Check out the 'Buy & Print' logo found on all pages for events and pricing information.

Carry and Bring Along
The idea is to have fun - so bring whatever you and family need to have fun. Seat cushions, blankets, foldable lawn chairs for general admission seating are acceptable. Unfortunately, in these times, security is of utmost concern. So, coolers, backpacks, etc. are not allowed. The time it would take, not to mention the inconvenience to all, would mandate fans arrive hours before the event just to be seated. Personal belongings are subject to inspection.

Other items not allowed
Food or drinks, alcohol or drugs. Pets are not allowed, with exception of service animals trained to assist individuals with disabilities.

Handicap-accessible seating or disability assistance
Handicap accessible seating is available. Please call the ticket-office to reserve a seat, or should you need assistance once you've entered the Park.

Concessions and Goodies
We strive to have the best foods and snacks to the delight of all. Yes, there are dogs and burgers, and yes 'non- nutritional' stuff, but we do provide stuff that's good for 'ya. Water, instead of pop, and local grown, in-season veggies for example.

Officials. Stewards. Security.
Our objective is simple. Provide fun and entertainment to our guests. So, the 'Park' offers friendly faces to assist you in any regard - many of our stewards are volunteers from the community - young folks working a summer job. And yes, the Park has burly types - we call them security. Helpful, polite and around when you need them, and good at their jobs when necessary.

Medical Emergencies
We do have trained personnel on staff to assist with minor issues, but all Park personnel are trained to respond by either contacting a supervisor or on-track EMTs immediately. If you or somebody near you needs assistance, don't hesitate in calling a steward or security. Time, in many cases, is of essence.

Policies and Regulations
MMP policies are practical, designed for the welfare and safety of our guests. Policies are posted in most all areas that apply, from grandstands to garages. But, when in doubt, ask a steward, or a steward will inform you as to the policies of a particular area. MMP reserves the right to escort those not complying with policies off Park property, and reserves the right to include on duty, police authorities when warranted. MMP is not responsible for lost or stolen items, but we will do all in our power to ensure the recovery of such items. If you've lost an item immediately contact the ticket-office. If you've lost or misplaced a kid, "immediately" contact Park personnel. Most often it is best to remain where you are - ask someone near you to call Park personnel, describe the child - male/female, age, height, color of shirt or hat. Be diligent, act fast. We don't mind false alarms.

Weather Related and Unforeseen Events
Obviously, racing is an outdoor activity. Therefore, the weather must cooperate for the green flag to drop and, due to weather conditions, it is not uncommon for race events to be delay, rescheduled or unfortunately even canceled.

The rules with respect to delays, re-schedules and cancellations are governed by the sanctioning body having oversight of the race event, it's not a decision made solely by MMP. However, as the event promoter MMP is bound to providing fans the best possible entertainment value.

So, governed by rules of the presenting sanctioning body, MMP has instituted the following policies and programs. With respect to weather or other unforeseen circumstances beyond the Park's control - all sales are final and no refunds apply, however, you can exchange your ticket(s) of like value for an upcoming MMP event.