MMP for KIDS - Oh, Adults as Well!
Our garage tours are, dare we say, educational. Gone are the grease 'monkeys' gnawing on a bag of chew, replaced by highly trained, skilled mechanical and aerodynamic engineers armed with computers working to draw every last ounce
of performance from their racecars.

A dedicated group of professionals whose sole purpose is to ensure that their drivers have the best car that day, a winner bar none to be sure. Okay, you might see a grease monkey or two but rest assured they're safe.

Garage and PIT Tours
When you arrive at the 'Park' visit the ticket-office and sign up for the tour - schedules, no matter the group size can be arranged for all ages.

WIFI Connectivity
OK, you're at the race and need to check email now what? You're camping in the RV section and the kids want, need, desire an Internet connection. Well, problem solved.

MMP has installed hi-speed WiFi access covering most all of the Park. A standard WiFi 802.11/bg card/adapter is all that's needed. Surfs up!

We welcome all sized vehicles, from pop-ups to RVs, and depending on the event campers are encouraged to stay awhile and enjoy. Arrive early, stay late is our motto. Enjoy the camp grounds, 'grill' out or visit the concession stands for a full menu of food and drink.

MMP offers various camping solutions, and prices vary depending on location and event. For information regarding camping locations, prices and availability please contact us